• WaterProof Sewing Thread

WaterProof Sewing Thread

WaterProof Sewing Thread

WaterProof Sewing Thread


Polyester sewing thread


Normal size is 16s/2, 16s/3, 22s/2, 22s/3, 30s/2, 30s/3, 40s/2, 40s/3, 45s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2, 60s/3, 80s/2 etc.

Color Cards

With 800+ colors, it can match perfectly to the sewed fabric.
These are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

Waterproof Effect

MH waterproof sewing thread has a special water resistant finish which inhibits the capillary effect, thereby ensuring that no water is taken up by the thread.
Water-Proof Sewing Thread
Normal Sewing Thread

Product Feature

Neat seam
Gentle luster
Excellent tensility
High waterproof performance
Great chemical resistance,UV resistance, oxidation resistance
Excellent anti-pollution ability and maintains long-term cleanliness


The waterproof sewing thread is widely applied to outdoor products, such as tent, umbrella, swimwear...
Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products

Umbrellas are exposed to rain, strong wind, uv rays and other severe environment. Water repellent polyester thread makes the seam waterproof, anti-uv and durable.


Conventional seam threads can embrittle or break after a few years of exposure to the saltwater, sunlight, and extreme temperatures.


Waterproof sewing Thread can improve the performance of outdoor and marine products that demand exceptional seam life and seam integrity.

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