• Nylon Bonded Thread

    Nylon Bonded Thread

Nylon Bonded Thread

Nylon Bonded Thread

Nylon Bonded Thread


Polyamide 6.6 synthetic fiber, whose popular name is nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fiber.


210D/3, 420D/3 ,630D/3,840D/3

Color Card:

Color cards are available and customized color is also acceptable.



Product Feature:

Excellent tenacity
Excellent UV and abrasion protection
Low elongation
High waterproof property
Loose strands prevented
Excellent seam strength appearance
Extensive colour range


Count Application
100D/3, 150D/2, 150D/3 Mainly used for thin fabric and leather materials: such as wallets, curtains, handbags, raincoats, leather clothes, leather gloves, etc.
210D/2, 210D/3, 250D/3

Mainly used in leather and leather products: such as leather shoes, leather bags, suitcases, leather clothing
Thicker fabrics: dental floss, travel shoes, travel bags, tents, fabric sofas, bedding, sofas, etc.

300D/3, 420D/3, 630D/3

Mainly used for thick leather products: sofas, car cushions, sports shoes, belts, etc.
Thick cloth products: canvas, account book, tent, backpack, etc. Hand-sewn products, kites, bead curtains.

840D/3, 1260D/3 Mostly used for large kites, hand-sewn products, packaging bags, etc.
Car Seat

Car Seat

Sewing threads for cat interiors should have higher breaking strength, optimum stretch, fine seams on leather goods.
Leather Products

Leather Products

Bags will endure heavy loading and require sewing threads that have excellent abrasion resistance and high strength. .
Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products

Threads for outdoor furniture need to retain structural integrity and their appearance over many weather conditions.


Shoes must withstand all kinds of weather as well as the mechanical load of walking. Sewing threads must ensure durable seams.


Polyester high tenacity thread Nylon high tenacity thread Nylon bond thread
Formal tailoring leather goods leather goods
quilting footwear shoes
footwear suitcase bag suitcase bag
leather goods sports goods sports goods
bedding/mattress outdoor goods outdoor goods
blind stitching upholstery indoor soft decoration
upholstery / automotive chair
industrial products / airbag

Product Technical Data

Tex Tickets Size Denier PLY Averages Strength Elongation Min-Max Recommended Needle Size Suitable Fabric
(T) (TKT) (D) --- (kg) (%) Singer Metric ---
35 80 100D 3 ≥2.1 13-22 12-14 80-90 Light Weight
45 60 138D 3 ≥3.0 23-32 14-16 90-100 Medium Weight
70 40 210D 3 ≥4.5 23-32 16-18 100-110 Medium Weight
90 30 280D 3 ≥6.0 24-33 16-20 100-120 Heavy Weight
135 20 420D 3 ≥9.0 25-34 19-23 120-160 Heavy Weight
210 13 630D 3 ≥13.5 25-34 22-24 140-180 Extra Heavy Weight

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