• Cotton Sewing Thread

    Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton Sewing Thread

Cotton Sewing Thread


100% cotton (staple spun)


20s/2, 20s/3, 40s/2, 60s/3, etc.


2000m/cone-5000m/cone, or 0.5kg/cone-2.0kg/cone
Cotton Sewing Thread

Product Feature:

Natural appearance, reliable seams
Easy for dyeing
Natural and biodegradable
Highly absorbent and static resistant
Excellent needle heat resistance
Low elongation, excellent loop formation to improve sewability
Low-level wax finish to prevent lube transfer and scours off easily for garment overdye


Cotton thread has been used since the dawn of human existence. Even though it has been around a while, it does have its drawbacks. Cotton thread has low stretch and tends to break easily. However, it’s a good choice when sewing delicate fabrics and garments like lingerie.
Sewing Cotton Fabric

Sewing Cotton Fabric

Cotton thread will not be affected by needle heat or pressing with good sewability and low elongation. It's special for pure cotton apparel.
Daily Summer Apparel

Daily Summer Apparel

Cotton sewing thread's resistance to shrinkage during washing makes it a common choice for quilting.
Hand Crafting

Hand Crafting

The durability and strength of cotton thread makes it a common choice for hand-crafting.

Cotton Sewing Thread Technical Data

Tex Yarn Count Average Strength Average Elongation Recommended Needle Size Boiling Water Shrinkage
(T) (S) (cN) (%) Singer Metric (%)
30 60/3 790 7 12-14 75-90 <1.0
45 40/3 1100 7 12-14 75-90 <1.0
60 20/2 1200 7 16-19 100-120 <1.0
90 20/3 1900 8.5 18-21 110-130 <1.0

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