• Aramid Sewing Thread

    Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread


100% Meta Aramid (an aromatic polyamide fiber)


20s/3, 30s/2/3, 40s/2, 40s/3, 42s/2, 50s/2, 50s/3, 60s/2, 60s/3, 80s/2, 80s/3 are available


Belowing unique characteristics derive from aramid fibers' molecular structure.
Heat-resistant High strength
Good resistance to abrasion
good resistance to organic solvents
Electrical insulation
No melting point
Low flammability
Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures


Meta-aramids come in two different types: spun often used in sewing applications for clothing, and continuous filament which boasts a higher strength and is perfect for those products that need great performance of reinforcement and strength.
Workwear for Firefighter

Workwear for Firefighter

Fire services turnout gear requires sewing threads that provide extreme protection against flame and heat.
Workwear for Electric Welder

Workwear for Electric Welder

Thus flame-resistant threads for welding protective clothing, gloves can be charred when exposed to sparks, spatter or molten metal.
Workwear for Power Industry

Workwear for Power Industry

Workers in the power industry face many hazards. Among the most serious dangers is exposure to an arc-flash.

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