Versatile and Qualified Threads for Sportswear

Whether for leisure activities or professional athletes: pleasant wearing comfort should always go hand in hand with high resilience of the materials. MH sewing threads are an essential component of innovative sportswear for professional and leisure sports and ensure the intelligent processing of functional materials.

We understand sportswear versatile properties. Each fabric, whether lightweight, breathable, water resistant, microfibre or textile membranes such as softshell or hardshell garments, has a different structure and different characteristics. MH has different sewing threads to match wll with sports wear.

MH Sewing Thread for Sports Shirt
Sports T-shirt is usually made of stretchy, smooth and soft fabrics. MH sewing threads ensure the intelligent processing of functional materials.
Spun Polyester Sewing Thread is less expensive to produce and is usually lower in price than any other type of polyester thread. Spun polyester thread is a true all-purpose thread, and it's a good choice for most sewing projects. The thread is strong, colorfast, some stretch to it, heat and mildew resistant, and a tremendous color variety. Polyester thread often has a wax or silicone finish that allows it slip through the fabric easily.

MH Sewing Thread for Sports Jackets
Sport jacket is a smart casual lounge jacket, traditionally for sporting purposes. Styles, fabrics, colours and patterns are more varied than in most suits; sturdier and thicker fabrics are commonly used, such as corduroy, suede, denim, leather, and tweed. Various thread sizes are needed during the construction of the seams while manufacturing sports jackets.
Core Spun threads have fuzz on their surface giving them good lubricity characteristics and a continuous filament core that contributes to high strength and durability. When wrapped with a cotton wrap, core threads have very good needle heat resistance. When wrapped with a polyester wrap, core threads have excellent chemical resistance and colorfastness. Core threads are used in everything from fine blouses to heavy coveralls and overalls.


MH Sewing Thread for Leggings
Leggings contain seams which are engineered to deliver high levels of stretch, strength and comfort. The selection of sewing threads for these seams is therefore critical.
Polyeter Textured Thread is a sewing thread that is made from texturised polyester continuous microfilament. Due to the multitude of fine filaments, the sewing thread is extremely soft and smooth, and the seams are barely noticeable. When compared to traditional continuous filaments, the microfilaments in polyester continuous microfilament have a far smaller diameter, thus, the sewing thread is extremely soft and smooth.

Outdoor Trousers
Note: Since conditions of use may vary considerably depending upon the design and the machinery available,samples should be produced and evaluated to determine if requirements are met. You can contact with our technical team for support.

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